Green Litio


GREEN LITIO IRELAND is the only authorized distributor of ITALWIN &  WAYEL – e-Bikes and e-Mopeds. Made in Italy, by FIVE – Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici – the largest factory for electric mobility in Italy.

Located in the industrial heart of Bologna, FIVE extends for a total 76,400 square feet, with an area of about 7,535 square feet dedicated to gardens. The automated warehouse consists of 860 posts where 3,200 vehicles can be stored. At full operation, the factory has a production capacity of 10,000 electric bicycles per year.

The assembly line with 20 workstations, the storage of rough frames’ components and the water painting system are integrated into a single rotary system that allows to mount the bicycles in the same circuit bringing the chassis into the ovens. The energy is afterwards recovered through a heat exchanger, for the benefit of winter heating.

Furthermore, the industrial plant has areas dedicated to battery production and laboratories, where FIVE researchers carry out their testing activities and develop cutting-edge components for all the e-bikes.

FIVE is the first plant in Italy able to guarantee all the energy required for its production based on the principles of the nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) logic.

GREEN LITIO and FIVE are committed to help changing the landscape of urban mobility in the island of Ireland. The future is green and electric.

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