Green Bikes

Private Schemes

Companies and organisations

Green Bikes offers private schemes and fleet solutions to any business size companies and organisations such as corporate, county councils, hotels, universities, tour operators, bike rentals, parcel and food delivery companies.

  • Different plans and fleet size options.
  • Choose your fleet size and cover requirements.
  • Avail the use of GPS to track every movement via a controlled app.
  • Your own logo design and branding options available.
  • Get in touch to discuss your needs and requirements.


custom brand and design


Custom e-bikes solutions available for large corporate fleets, for the creation of a customer-branded line.

Please get in touch for details

Selection of top quality components working with the world's best manufacturers

Production of prototypes and tests on pre-series models with assembly line at the FIVE electric plant in Bologna, Italy.

From the initial concept to the finished electric bike, we are able to meet all expectations, designing the electric bike on the features required by the Customer while making use of the experience and advice of technicians and engineers from FIVE Research & Development.


FIVE production plant is characterized by an efficient assembly line that guarantees extremely flexible timing in the various processing points, allowing a production capacity of 35,000 pieces in a year.

A water-based painting plant that stands out for its truly innovative green technology thanks to solvent-free water-based paints. All electric bike are painted in a sustainable way, with graphics supplied by the Customer.

Before packing, the product is checked according to strict check list. All prototypes are tested for durability, both for mechanical and electronic components. Innovative methodologies are used in the tests that simulate years of use in just a few hours of testing.

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