Green Litio

WAYEL E-Mopeds

zero emissions

The new WAYEL electric mopeds move with agility in urban traffic. They are comfortable thanks to the eco-leather seats, ecological because they have no emissions, and safe with front and rear disc brakes. W1, W2, and W3 are equipped with ultra-efficient BOSCH motors, which give the right balance between performance and energy consumption. NCE S is instead equipped with a powerful 6600 kW motor.


USB charging

Always connected with the USB socket to recharge your smartphone.

Theft protection

Supplied anti-theft that emits an alert sound and protects your moped from malicious people.

BOSCH motors

BOSCH brushless direct drive motor, robust, reliable, efficient, integrated in the rear wheel; develops a rated power of 1500W for W1, 2000W for W2 and 4000W for W3.

LCD display

Backlit LCD display to constantly monitor the necessary functions when you are on the move (battery and speed).


The batteries are Lithium Ion with LG and Samsung cells, ensuring excellent performance.

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